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Originally Posted by friend2animals View Post
Although, I would never have put dogs (especially senior aged dogs) and fish in the same sentence when pointing out care and maintenance matters....
I hope that didn't confuse you ... It's more that some people think that goldfish don't require much care, just like some people don't think dogs require much care. We cringe or even cry when we hear of a dog that dies at age 2 of sheer neglect and its complications and implications. While we don't generally see minimal care of a goldfish as 'neglect', a lot of people don't realize that a goldfish isn't supposed to live for a year, but can reach the age of 10 with ease and 15 with excellent care.

The betta requires less care than a goldfish, and there is plenty of information out there on proper care. They can live up to 3 years, though they often don't live as long in a home aquarium. But it's a good way for you to figure out whether you are interested in keeping fish on a longer term, before you invest too much or find that you are unable to care for them appropriately.
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