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diandpat, I viewed your videos and what I see is domination, not a cat fight. I was expecting to hear screaming, yowling, hissing, growling and to see fur flying! This is domination when he bites her neck and straddles her. The flicking of his tail shows annoyance and excitement. If he were really fighting he wouldn't give up because she goes behind a table or flops down not far from him. When you see Ziggy just before attack mode, say a loud "PSSST! No!", then call Ziggy to you or redirect his attention by throwing a toy or ball of paper, or pen to distract him.

Here are some examples of real cat fights:
The first video is a furious fight (but not to death!) of 2 reds!

This next is an interesting video. Red tabby faces off with a bigger and heavier brown tabby, who's not backing down. Red tabby attacks twice and then fight is broken up by a person. They resume their confrontation, but you see brown tabby does not want to fight any more and is turning his head away and breaking eye contact. Person interrupts them again, and they move away, red tabby still wants a fight, but it seems brown tabby had got in some hard bites and red tabby is cautious now. Brown tabby has had enough, and breaks eye contact and slowly walks away, but followed by the red tabby who maybe still wants to fight?
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