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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Generally, 20-30 calories per pound per day is the rough guideline, but for an inappetant cat, just getting even 50-60% of that in would be a good start. If you can convince Tus to eat about 3/4 of a can of A/D per day, I think that would really help.
I'll have to check to see if the vet has that cat food. But in the mean time I'm hand feeding her and using the small 5oz can as a guide line. Whatever I can get her to eat. I can't obtain a lot of the different types of cat food here in NB. Like the wellness kitten. I can get the wellness regular and that's what I've been using so far. Found a "tuna" for cats and she's eating that right now. But of course that will change tomorrow.

So far only 1 "assisted" feeding) The rest hand fed) My hand stinks of cat food. I need to get some latex gloves.

Right now, it's more important that she eat.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
what antibiotics is she on? These could be a big factor in her inappetance and I'd really be inclined to stop them unless there was a specific reason for her to be taking them.
It's amoxil. and right now she won't take them with treats and to pill her makes her gag, so I've put them on hold until I can get the food intake up. I've finally got some Slippery Elm Bark in today. It says 1/4 tsp. Is that per day or per feeding?

So I guess it's stinking fish hands for awhile..the things we do for our pets)
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