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Originally Posted by Rottielover View Post
Hey there, I was the other one having issues with the cats interacting. It sounds like my house, but Missy does not come back for more, she hides, and the second I leave my room runs to my bed and pees on it. 80% of the day, they are separated by rooms, Sunset is put away unless I am there with a squirt bottle in hand.
I can not watch Tv without him trying and her running to hide. I am slowly starting to let sunset out more with lots of supervision. His issue, he is a very dominant, playful cat and it scares the crap out of missy.
She will not even come out to eat until he is long gone. Sunset has also started taking on Harley, pounces on him in play.
It seems like it is and will be a long battle, he is GREAT with people and dogs, just not with cats. Missy was in the home first.
RL, you always seems to have so many issues with your pets , maybe you should stop adopting so many and just deal with the ones you have.
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