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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
We have a topical prednisone, which I put on her ear 2 times a day for now and the pepid ac and the rest of the antibiotics. We'll see how that goes. The #1 priority is to get her to eat and I'm hoping the prednisone will help with that.
Prednisone may help with appetite, but that effect might not be strong enough in her situation. Why not mirtazapine?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
How much food should I be getting into her?
How much does she weigh?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
When she eats it's like she's chewing her food or having a hard time getting the food down. She'll lick the food and then try and chew it like it's too dry? I water it extra for her as well.
Did the vet take a good look at her mouth recently?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Any suggestions on high energy or "good" food that I can give her to get her calories up? Baby food even, she seems to like the texture of that.
Hill's A/D is often used for animals with anorexia, and it's about the only Hill's product I would ever consider using. Has a very smooth texture and seems to be appealing to many cats. It's easy to mix with a bit of water and feed via syringe if you have to.

The canned food with the highest amount of calories is Eukanuba Maximum Calorie, at 57 per oz. You can only get this one and the A/D at the vet.

Have you tried feeding her Wellness Kitten? That and the Wellness Chicken are pretty high at 40 cal/oz.

Here is more info on assisted feeding:
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