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Well she's back from the vet

And drink, man she practically living by the water fountain. I thought with the IV fluids she would not want water?

Anyway we've sent blood off to get the test done for pancreatitis, should have that result in a couple of days.

My vet is also posting her history on a vet forum to see if anyone can come up with something a little more concrete. They are tossing about irritable bowel as well

We have a topical prednisone, which I put on her ear 2 times a day for now and the pepid ac and the rest of the antibiotics. We'll see how that goes. The #1 priority is to get her to eat and I'm hoping the prednisone will help with that.

So far she's had about a table spoon of food on her own. If that keeps up then I won't have to force feed her. We'll see how tomorrow goes, when I can feed her every 2 hours or so.

How much food should I be getting into her? I know she needs like 6oz, but I doubt I can get that much. Another words if I can't get her to eat on her own should I force feed her? I hate to do that.

Right now I'm feeding her the Wellness brand with tuna (a few flakes of low sodium) on top. She mostly eats around the tuna, as she's not to keen on chewing her food.

Any idea's as to what's up with that. When she eats it's like she's chewing her food or having a hard time getting the food down. She'll lick the food and then try and chew it like it's too dry? I water it extra for her as well.

Any suggestions on high energy or "good" food that I can give her to get her calories up? Baby food even, she seems to like the texture of that.

I guess it's another wait and see time and more time feeding

Thanks for all your

So far she's hanging in there
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