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Thanks for your input Tenderfoot.

I dont really feel attacked or anything, but Serj could defnitly have had it much worse !! he did grow up with two cats (they came first) so he has some kitty buddies to bother all day, but yeah, another dog is something we have considered. Serj enjoys spending the day with my parent's dog at their house, but i just dont think we have the money to support to full grown dogs. Me and Randy (the BF) are still working stuff out, so now might not be the time to add another dog.

some good news though !!! Yesterday when i got home from work Serj was FAST ALSEEP in his crate and i had to call his name to wake him up.. so hopefully that is good !!! My bf's dad went over around noon to let him out for about a 1/2 hour so his day was broken up a bit. Serj has also been eating in his crate once in a while as well as just laying in it while i'm in the room as well as going in to retrieve treats... so ... other than me screwing him up at first by cramming him in the crate, it seems he might be on track to crate acceptance.
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