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Originally Posted by mona_b View Post
Personally I don't think so..But that is just my opinion...

In situations there has to be give or take...Your dog and you joined your bf in his house....When it was just you and your dog, he had free run of the house....Everything is fine once you both moved in with him...New furniture is bought, and he ends up downstairs.This was something new to him..He crashes down the babygate and he gets put in the crate....So who's needs are suited? Not his right?..This is where the give and take takes place..

So what's his name?
Well, i guess i should have laid out a timeline, incase it makes a difference.

-moved into new house with bf February 2009
- bought new furniture March 2009
- dog put in basement (fully carpeted with many couches to choose from) June 2009
- dog breaks through baby gate first week of November 2009

So this was somewhat spread out, not all at once.

Crating as the only option isnt set in stone, but this is a new situation to me with a previously mellow dog. so it's still a work in progress to make sure he is living a happy healthy life.

and his name is Serj. He's an awesome chocolate brown-ish husky/lab cross !
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