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Originally Posted by ClaireDutt View Post

... if i was to just cover the "good" couches and let him have the run of the house at this point would that be like giving in? now that i have started this re-crating which has caused him to protest, if i just change the house to suit his needs and complety stop crating will he think he "won" ?
I know that i can cover the couches upstairs or i could install a door, but if i can get him to re-accept being crated it kinda sits better with me.
Personally I don't think so..But that is just my opinion...

In situations there has to be give or take...Your dog and you joined your bf in his house....When it was just you and your dog, he had free run of the house....Everything is fine once you both moved in with him...New furniture is bought, and he ends up downstairs.This was something new to him..He crashes down the babygate and he gets put in the crate....So who's needs are suited? Not his right?..This is where the give and take takes place..

Honestly, I am not trying to be rude or anything. Or tell you what to do.I promise...But I'm looking at the whole senerial here and it's the dog who looses.

If you want to re-crate him, that's fine...Say you put new covers on the couch..Have his crate up there but the door open...

I never crated..And I know crating is usually done for house breaking or if the dog is destructive....But I just can't picture a well behaved dog crated.

I won't get into details, but I was at a call to a house that was on fire...When we were able to get into the house and look around, I saw something that till this day haunts me...Lets just say it involves a dog and a crate..Maybe he would have survived if he was by the front door...:sad:

So what's his name?
"A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours."
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