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Thankyou Aslan.

My sis said this one is 2 months old. I saw him today and he is a twohandful fella.

My sister said all the reading she has done now, she realizes that getting a baby from someone who actually knows what they are doing would have been a better thing. She really can't say if these guys had been handled at all.

She has a 4x2 rabbit cage he is living in right now. She doesn't know what to do about him pooping everywhere, she keeps having to change his fleecy blankets because he pees and poos anywhere. She said he does love his meal worms, sucks them up like spagetti and chews.

I bummed her out a little, I asked if she checked our area for vets to see if anyone of them does hedgehogs. She said no...:sad:

But I do have to say that I can see that she knows she made a mistake, heck, I have made my own. And I do believe that if the little man has his own pet it will teach him lots of responsiblity. And he loves talking to me about my pets, a good time to pass along what I know and on other stuff we can learn together.

Thankyou for the link, I will take a look at it myself and pass it along to her.
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