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Need some info on hedgehogs.

My sister let my nephew buy a hedgehog with his birthday money. Of course the only research done was the night he came home on the internet. The place they purchased him didn't have a clue what to do with them either. My sister said they were just 5 of them in a box with some blankets.

I went and brought them a gift certificate today to go and get the little fellow what he needs. Of course I took a crash course in learning about hedgehogs the past few nights, reading and reading and reading.

My sis was really sad today, she said that she wished that she wouldn't have #1 got it from a pet store. And #2 Let her boy jump to the decision so quickly. But they have him now, so she is doing more research on them.

Are their any hedgie owners here? Can you tell me any value info that I can pass on to my nephew? Right now the little guy is living in his igloo and putting his head spikes up at anything that comes near his cage. He makes an ugly face and does alot of licking. They have fleece blankets to line the cage, and a hedgie-bed (a little bag thingy)

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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