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So i have been working on the re-crate training and it seems to be going fine.

I have never had kids and i dont see my dog as a child, but... if i was to just cover the "good" couches and let him have the run of the house at this point would that be like giving in? now that i have started this re-crating which has caused him to protest, if i just change the house to suit his needs and complety stop crating will he think he "won" ? He is not a dominant dog (towards dogs or people), but i attribute that to he has never had an opportunity to dominate. if i want to stop him from eating, he stops, if i want the ball, i will go get the ball, etc... Anyway... does anyone have any ideas ??

I know that i can cover the couches upstairs or i could install a door, but if i can get him to re-accept being crated it kinda sits better with me.

Also, i dont know if i should have mentioned this earlier, but my work day is only 6 hours and i do live about a half hour from work so going home at lunch hasnt been an option for me.

He seems a bit more relaxed in the crate. doing little exercises in the crate with the door open and with it shut. Is it ok to feed him his meals in the crate ? just to reinforce that it's a good place to be ???

Thanks again !!
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