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I check the forum every day but never go to the other links because i never find anything of 'interest' to me, atleast nothing that i notice..... I think the main page looks very bland as someone mentioned above. its jsut black and white and doesnt grab my attention... the links on the left are so small and cluttered and none of them grab you.... just looks like a list of stuff...

ok here is me being very brutal - the main page looks very amateur, not like the popular site this really is. I am guessing there are ALOT of hits for the forum, because everytime i google pet questions, i get atleast one link to forum on the girst google page, but what is there in the main page to generate traffic? If i would first arrive at the main page, i wouldnt even know that there is a forum - the bulletin board means something else to me...

make it prettier, more attractive and include article in a more attractive way, its very sterile now as someone mentioned.... we need some pictures

BTW love ur site and have recommended it to many friends and co workers - if you make it prettier and more user friendly, with more pictures and designs it would appeal to more people

oh and i wouldnt mind a little store of pet toys and stuff (how about with a small % going towards rescues) -- i know i would buy my toys here if i knew that a portion goes to a good cause -- you can sell the kong and cuz toys, with all the product name drops already in the site it would sell amazingly well... oh and i am surprised i never see pet store ads on ur site ---
what kind of pet store doesnt want to advertise on!!!!!
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