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Thank you LP, that's what I was trying to say.( over and over )......And trying to say that all in all that this is a well behaved dog. It's the crate that is an issue..And it would be in his case..There has been a HUGE change to him, and he is totally stressed by it...And the only issues is about the furniture....Nothing was said about him damaging the basement..So he is good.

As for a seeing eye dog not being high energy - you've essentially just proven my point without realizing it - seeing eye dogs are put to work ALL DAY long. They are incredibly stimulated, which in effect, is giving a dog a lot to focus on and a job, every minute of the day. Thus, the reason you would usually see a very calm and capable service dog.
Actually no I haven't...

The calmness is BEFORE they go back and BEFORE they are placed..That is part of the training the foster does...This I know as my neice has fostered. If they are high strung and not able to be controlled or listen, then chances are they will not make it.

Well it's nice that your bf is understanding....Not to many are.

Just a thought..Not sure what type of fabric the couches are, but what would his thoughts be as to maybe cover the couches when you both leave?..Or would that be to much of a hassel?
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