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Hi to everyone and Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I'm BMDLuvers rescue partner. It's taken a while to join, but I finally made it. Being in rescue I have a houseful, of course. The household consists of :

Charlie, a 6 year old black American Cocker Spaniel, who was dumped at a shelter because the family had no time, he was there for 4 months and had completely vacant eyes when I took him in. He is now full of life and he is my baby. He helped me through the death of my dog Foxy and for that I am eternally grateful.

Maddy, a 3 year old black English Spaniel, and Oh what to say about her eh? BMDLuver... she is a bundle of energy and pest, but love her death anyways, she was going to be dumped at the local SPCA, but I took her in to foster and well she is still here and not going anywhere.

Lucky, an 8 year old Shiz-Tzu, whom we would never be able to adopt out as he was an unbelievable grumpus, but he is coming around and doesn't bite me as often now, he's learnt to snuggle and enjoys it.

Chelsey, a 1 1/2 year old black lab mix, that BMDLuver and I made a long trip to pick up after she was found running down the highway with 2 puppies, she is so like Foxy that she has stayed and is my walking partner and is a big snuggler.

Sylvester, a 5 year old cat that I got from the local vet when he was 3 months old, he had been dumped in a box and was nearly dead, he is in great form these days.

Tika, a 7 year old, I got the same time as Sylvester from the same vet, she had been a stray and is just beautiful, although BMDLuver has never yet seen her as she is so timid and teases that Tika is a made up cat... lol

And finally Boots, a foster kitten, who is a little devil, but lots of fun and will probably stay if I have my way......after all, I am just babysitting him for BMDLuver.......

Oh nearly forgot, 1 husband also.

I look forward to joining in the chats......
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