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Bodhi's blog

Bodhi is now 25 weeks old - she'll be 6 months next week. She is currently 65 lbs. Here are some photos of her relaxing.

When we got her from the SPCA at 8 weeks, she was 12 lbs, but quite underweight. Her ribs and spine were very visible. At 12 weeks she was 26 lbs, and at 16 weeks she was 39 lbs. (photos in my profile album). We were told she'd be about 65 lbs, and that she was a shepherd/lab cross. For weight, we were sure by the time she was 14 weeks old that she'd outgrow the 65 lbs quite comfortably. Shepherd we could see, and we knew that her mom is a shepherd cross, but lab? No (though she does have fully webbed paws). I guess they adopt more easily if they are 'lab cross'. There've been guesses based on her looks and colouring that range from Ridgeback to Pittie to Tosa and now it's Basenji (the ears, wrinkles and her generally curled-upward tail). We're sure she's more of a sight-dog than a scent-dog. Since we want to make sure that we can give her what her most dominant breeds need, we're seriously considering a DNA test to determine what the primary breeds in her are. We hope that we can use the information that comes from that to care for her most efficiently physically and mentally.

So now the question remains - if she's a med-large breed dog, then 65 lbs at 6 months is about 2/3 of her adult weight, putting her at the 95 lbs range. If she's a giant breed dog, then 6 months can be half the adult weight, putting her at a future 120lbs. Either way, we are thrilled that she's larger than the initial 65 lbs, because we were looking for a *large* dog in the first place.

Bodhi has been on raw food since she was 14 weeks old, and she's loving it.
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