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Absolutley LP, I agree with that - and you might notice in my first post I mentioned that a dog walker or doggy daycare might be something to look into as well, considering this dogs history to have free run of the home.

I might be alone when I say this, but I don't feel it's an impossible situation to re-crate train an older dog and shouldn't be avoided just because the dog is exhibiting frustration. It does however need to be done slowly and properly, but if it is the owners wish to continue with it - it can be done, to the benefit of the dog.

I just wanted to add Claire, that you might want to think about getting an entirely new crate for your dog. If it's damaged because of his behavior, it probably isn't the best place for him to be in the future.
When you are at home, try bringing the crate out into a common area and when you play with him, throw his toys inside the crate for him to retrive it. Give him a lot of attention and praise whenever he goes in willingly.

Keep us posted!
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