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If a dog hasn't been crated for a few years, you can't just put him in one and leave for a few hours and expect him to accept it
So far, no one here in this thread has said anything about it being an easy fix. I think the OP also recognizes that this is something that will take patience and consistancy, and more training.

It doesn't matter how much you exercise them..You honestly think it will make a difference cause I don't and I have seen it...
Absolutley. Fufilling an animals needs, one of which is excercise, will completley help the situation.

It isn't the be-all end-all to this scenario, but when we are dealing with confining an animal - especially a dog which is a mix of two very high energy breeds - satisfying this very important need before confining the animal (regardless of whether the confining happens with a gate, a door, or a crate) will totally help.

In fact, I'm surprised this point is even being argued, but anyway....

LP brought up a good point too. Teaching this dog to stay off the couches will be an important step regardless of crate-training; but if the OP wishes to continue with it, she needs to know that it is not impossible NOR is it wrong.

Good luck Claire, and keep us posted!
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