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I have an 8 1/2 months old pitbull puppy with dmodex, My vet had been giving him an ivermectin shot once a week whilst I bathed him once a week in some medecated shampoo along with tactic dip.

I was informed my a 3rd party that i'd save alot of money by getting and issueing the ivomec myself considering I was paying like $3o a visit and that I have five other dogs and I have to constantly but heart gaurd, I was also told that I could just use the ivomec as a substatute to the heart gaurd.

So firstly I want to know how much and how often I should give the demodex puppy the ivomeec. judging by the earlier case here it would seem like roughly 0.3 ml for every 10 lbs. My problem in going threw with that is what is on the ivomec box, 1cc to 110 lbs for a cow! My dog is 45 lbs so 0.3 x 4.5 is over a cc. can dogs take ivomec better than bing meaty live stock or im I doing something wrong?

lastly, What should the monthly dosage be for my other dogs?
95 lbs
55 lbs
40 lbs
65 lbs

weights rounded to closest five from last weighings.

ps. sorry for crappy spellingz.
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