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Dog meds for humans?

Ok weird one. I have a friend that has even more dogs than me. I am afraid I treat mine like humans. They sleep with me & constant companions. Neighbors think I'm nuts. They hear me talking out loud when in my yard & ask who I'm talking to. I tell them my dogs. They listen well, don't judge & offer support & don't talk back.....well Sparkle does. If she is not happy with anything she makes a woo-woo sound like she is trying to talk. Anyway that is not what I'm here About. One of my friends dogs has a bad heart problem. He is on a lot of meds. Recently my friend started dropping a LOT of weight but her behavior is from one extreme to the other. I asked her how she was losing so much weight.

She tells me she is taking a few of the meds prescribed for her dog. Like 80mg a day Lasix & 8mg a day Soloxine. She says she feels great! Just a bit tired. I asked her about side effects but she says she has none. What if anything can these meds do to her? Thanks, CC
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