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Thanks so much everybody for your input!

Felixís weight is an issue for sure! I had him at a pretty good weight but since his injuries he has gained it all back :sad: but Iím working on lowering his weight. Giving him more wet food and cutting back on the dry. Sugarcatmom, you mentioned the potato starch in Orijen, is there a better dry food I should try out that doesnít have the potato starch? I was looking at Wellness Core, but itís so expensive so I chose Orijen instead.

He is not on any pain meds at the moment. He was on Medicam and Tramadol (sp?) for the first few weeks. I read up on the issues with Medicam and stopped that after 7 days. And we tried different doses of Tramadol but he was so stoned that I wasnít very comfortable leaving him on it Ė so that lasted about 7 days. So instead I made a bed for him in the living room and brought his food to him like a King. He loved every moment of it!!

Growler, I did try the boxes route for him to jump on the bed and couch but he wanted nothing to do with them! He just ended up going around and finding another spot to jump from. Itís a scary thought, but I think his jumping up to the couch/bed had something to do with tearing his aclís. I have hardwood floors and I think the slippery floors gave him very little traction to jump from. So I went out and bought those (ugly) runners and put them all around the condo so he has a bit of traction. He also has gotten VERY good at giving me those pathetic big eyes when he wants up on the bed or couch. So I am now his personal elevator!!

Also, Growler did mention ďAn exclusively or mostly fish based diet will deplete the body of vit e causing serious medical conditions.Ē So would you recommend switching their Orijen 6 Fish?

Thanks again for everybodyís advice. This board is amazing!
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