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I agree that Felix would benefit from Omega 3's especially given his acl history. Keeping him at or just slightly under his optimal weight will also help reduce the load on his joints.

Do you have stairs or boxes placed where he likes to jump up onto the bed/couch/window sill to make it easier for him to get around?

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if the brand you supplement does not have vitamin e added then you need to supplement with that 2-3 times a week as fish oil depletes the body of vitamin e over time.
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That is what I heard too, rainbow, but when I asked at the vitamin shop the owner told me that vit e is a preservative . He had never heard that omega 3's inhibit vit e absorbtion. Is it only in cats and dogs?
Vitamin e and/or Rosemary are used as preservatives to extend the shelf life of omega 3's but with cats they are also essential in preventing steatitis, as it will occur when a cat is fed a fish rich diet without a vit e balancer. An exclusively or mostly fish based diet will deplete the body of vit e causing serious medical conditions.

Over the last 50 years there have been numerous reports of vitamin E deficiency in cats with the main cause of these deficiencies being attributed to ingestion of diets high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Steatitis ("yellow fat disease") is attributed to vitamin E deficiency and has been experimentally induced in kittens after feeding a commercial cat food with a high fish content and after feeding vitamin E–deficient purified diet containing tuna oil and stripped safflower seed oil.

Fish oil is a rich source of PUFAs, which are highly susceptible to oxidation, and an increased intake of fish oil has been associated with increased vitamin E requirements

In regards to L4H's question about humans this is what I found:

As you increase your intake of essential fatty acids like omega 3 you also need to increase your need for fat-soluble antioxidants, because fish oil is extremely perishable and the antioxidants will ensure the fish oil doesn't oxidize & become rancid in your body a term known as lipid peroxidation
BTW while on the topic of fish - Tuna lacks Taurine which as we all know is essential for cats and a deficiency can cause eye & heart problems.
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