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I really hope this is something that can be fixed cuz it's looking hopeless. Usually after he has a peeing episode the next day he is looking for lap forgiveness, so it doesn't seem like it's lack of trust, but then again who knows.

Originally Posted by lUvMyLaB<3 View Post
I agree with catlover2, you need to work on calming and trust, maybe dont go investigate the noises right away, just ignore that anything happened.

Most important i would go to the vet asap to see if there is a reason he cannot hold his urine when he is scared, it is very likely there is, try and investigate this as much as you can.

It is possible to fix this, you will have to modify behavior, stay calm, and most important get him checked. Do you feed dry food? Dry food can cause all kinds of urinary troubles in males. Good luck!
What kind of medical reason would cause this? If a vet could fix this that would help immensely!

We are on a canned diet, albeit cheap at the moment due to low funds. Since February we have transitioned from dry Iams to high quality canned to NV raw and now to Fancy Feast wheat gluten free canned.

Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
Sorry I got Forest & Gizzy mixed up, it was late when I posted. Good luck with Forest re his fear peeing. The cure is to gain his trust so that he feels safe, calm and comfortable. Let us know how things turn out. We like to hear updates.
No worries! I think you can consider me a regular visitor so updates will always come!

I appreciate everyone's advice and really hope this issue can be fixed! Will update when there is one!
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