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Ok I have all the test results but we, vet and I are still at a loss as to what's wrong with Tus. The vets's main concern is with her USG which is 1.020, which is too diluted. Her cholesterol and Alk Phos. are on the high side as well and I'm thinking maybe cushing's disease?

Anyway I'll post the results with the reference next to it, see if anything pops with you.
Sodium 154 149-156
Potassium 4.2 3.3-5.2
Na:K Ratio 37
Chloride 121 112-122
Calcium 2.59 2.28-2.85
Phosph. 1.38 0.94-1.95
Urea 11.6 6.4-11.8
Creat. 145 67-157
Cholesterol 6.31 1.80-5.83
T. Bili 1 0-4
Alk. Phos. 54 14-49
CK 181 58-489
AST (GOT) 27 11-44
ALT (GPT) 60 34-90
Gamma-GT 0 0-6
T. Pro. 69 65-84
Albumin 32 25-37
Globulin 37 35-54
A:G Ratio .86 0.50-0.90
Lipase 100 16-139

WBR 9.0 4.7-17.0
RBC 8.58 6.4-11.5
HGB 124 89-156
HCT .368 .28-.44
MCV 42.9 35-52
MCH 14.5 12-17
RDW 22.9%
Retics .41% = 35.18 x 10E9/L

WBC Diff. (%) (x10E9/L)
Segs 64% 5.76
Eos 17% 1.53
Lymph 13% 1.17
Mono 6% 0.54

NRBC / 100 WBC

Protein 72 g/l

RBC Morphology
Heinz NONE

So there you have it

Some I understand, some I don't.

So any ideas or suggestions on what to look for or where to look would be appreciated, as I don't think the kidneys are the main issue, they are a factor but there is something else going on that needs to be addressed.

Right now we have her on Pepid AC, I have a script for Zantex liquid, if the pepid is not working. I think I'll try and track down some of the slippery elm bark. Also have her on Amitriptyline - 5mg in the evening to help with her appetite and hopefully her gnawing on her back legs, and I still give her the benazepril, but I might give it to her every other day, still debating that one.

Anyway back to the drawing board, as the vet still thinks it's a cancer that has not manifested itself. Maybe so, but this illness has been going on for almost a year now, seems kinda long for a cancer and no serious decline

Also looking into poisons plants a long shot, but you never know
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