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Originally Posted by otter View Post
I heard Orijen will only sell to the "chain" stores, no independent stores anymore My fav independent store can't get it anymore but Pet Valu has started to carry it...I have no idea what is up but, the food is goood so i'll go the extra mile to get it, no matter where I can.

(and my friend buys Orijen and gets it delivered to her DOOR in Michigan for WAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than I can buy it from the store in Ontario, what the heck with that!)

sorry for the TJ
Interesting. We own a small independent pet food/supply store in Calgary and have been stocking Champion's products (Orijen and Acana) with no issues. Chain stores in Calgary (Petland, Tailblazers and Petplanet) also stock Champion's products although you probably won't see it in chains like Petsmart or Petcetera.

Minimums are not out of line with any of our other suppliers and aren't hard to meet once a food line has been established in one's shop. And as far as the posts containing information that is critical of Champion's rep's or the company it's self being difficult to deal with - haven't ever ran into this problem ourselves. In fact, we have found Champion and it's distributors very easy to deal with and they are very responsive to any concerns raised.
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