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we have done all of the above every single day morning and night... I havent been able to open every single garage in the neighbourhood though, but I have been going around calling her name and putting my ear on garage doors...I even opened someone's garage today because the door seemed lose (i thought she might have gone in from there) but nothing ... noone could have taken her as she would run back home the first second she got the opportunity of an open door, she is a very confident cat who is very attatched to us and trust us a great deal but not others because of that no stranger has ever been able to grab her even when they wanted to pet her ... She is a microchiped cat so if she was picked up by any of the animal services in any condition we would have heard from them ... I HOPE MY BABY IS OK AND THAT SHE WILL MAKE IT HOME ... she is not forgotten, we are looking for her and we will keep doing that !!
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