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Hi Growler

I'll just post a brief update as I don't have all the info until all the test results come back tomorrow. We have to send out some of our tests.

SO far Tus is not anemic . Her kidney readings have not changed very much and the protein in her urine has decreased. A good sign in some ways but it does not explain the not eating and the upset stomach and extra acid. Her throat is irritated, could be because she has been throwing up this weekend, something she has not done before Not in 15 years

We are waiting on the other test results but are afraid it could be stomach cancer as the kidney's do not seem to be a major issue and if her liver is good then I am at a loss as to what is causing the upset stomach and extra acid.

So another sleepless nite, but at least she's home I'm feeding her some baby food now and then I'll blend up the cat food to make it easier on her throat.

I'll get copies of the test results tomorrow and post them and then I'll have to dive into more research if nothing shows up.

Thanks for hanging with me and keep the paws crossed for some good news.

Chat tomorrow
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