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We have put color posters everywhere in the neighbourhood after checking in every corner and all roads, we have talked to neighbours, posted ads online in several sites including that of toronto humane socitey... she is microchiped so we are hoping if she is brought in to a vet or any centre they will be able to scan her and they we will contact us. Baby used to go out for a couple of hours everyday... and everytime she came home through our low roof that leads to the small bedroom window... that window has been open everyday all the time since she went missing with the hope she will come home as usual. She is pretty fast and wouldn't let any strangers grab or hold her... we have gone out at night when its quiet to hear whether there are any cat cries coming from anywhere (I called her name and put my ear against other people's garages) but nothing...left food and water outside but racoons ate it. What else can we do? We love her so much and want her back so badly
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