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Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
BenMax, I was wondering how sweet Maddox was doing, thanks for updating us.

The sheet pulling and barking and stealing your pj's and running with them, made me laugh. I'm so glad he is doing so well and starting to show his true self. I love dogs with a sense of humor.

How long will the treatment for heartworm take? And when will u know for sure if he will be ok?

Tundra Queen - thank you for the donation received. - It has gone to great use in his heartworm treatment.

The treatment was aggressive as he was stage II heartworm. It consisted of two invasive needles that went into the spine. He did very well, however there was a danger to this. It really was a 50-50 - I chose this as regardless if taking the 'safer' route or this route - either way, he could have died.

It takes about 6 months for the worms to be out of his system. The problem is that as these worms die, they travel through the blood stream. If a dog gets overly excited, the blood pumps through more quickly and therefore the worms could accumulate while travelling through the blood stream and block an artery - this is the danger as the dog will die. (sorry - I am not very technical while explaining this). So in saying this - it will be another 4 months before he is out of the woods. Once he is cured, we will tackle his knee - but it is the lesser of all evils.

So Maddox is enjoying his life so much. He is such a wonderful boy.

Again - I thank you so much for your assistance.
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