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Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I'll be asking to have her BP done tomorrow and as it is she has a bald spot on her back leg already I presume it would not matter that she is anaesthetized for it?
They should do it before anaesthia cuz once she's under her heart rate & bp will be slightly slower & more even thus creating a false reading. It takes less than 5 mins for a check.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I also found she like chicken and broth baby food. Also use it as an additive, for those fussy days, I put a small amount on top of the wet cat food
Just be sure there are no onions in the baby food.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I need to have her HCT and HGB checked to see if she is anemic. She also has high ALT which could indicate liver damage or issues with her bile duct. Her potassium is very low, so I'll need some supplements for that, (any suggestion).
ALT is still in normal range so I wouldn't worry too much about that right now, unless she is showing signs of liver issues. The values do fluctuate all the time so it might have just been on the high side of normal when they tested her and lower at some other point during the day.

She has low potassium? Is it still in normal range or below that? The vet will have supplement options for you, potassium should never be supplemented without vets approval as it can be very dangerous if not neccessary.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Her CL is high could just mean she is dehydrated and her CO2 is high which also could just be dehydration and could be causing the acidic issues.
Yes high CL can indicate dehydration and the conflict with low potassium levels may result in metabolic acidosis (excess stomach acid, nausea etc) though there are other factors in that equation.

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