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Supplementing kibble with home cooked

Hi everyone,

I have a shih tzu (she weighs about 19 pounds, freakishly large lol) and my mom has a mini schnauzer/terrier mix). They get a quality dry food (I convinced my mom a couple of years ago largely due to the pet food recall and you guys that what she was feeding her dog was crap and got her to switch food). I have recently started to home cook the wet portion of their food. I have caught my parents sneaking wet crap back into their dog's dish and into mine. They got it in spades!

I have read and bought pretty much every book on the subject I can find. Right now they get about a quarter of a cup mixed in with the dry food. The mix is usually 50% meat, 25% veggies and 25% carbs. I have been following the recipes in several books, cook up a rotating (various meats, veggies etc) diet schedule, freeze the amount needed in individual bags so all they have to do is take it out of the freezer each day.

Some of what I have read states that because I am only using it as a topper to the dry food, I don't have to add the extra calcium, vitamins etc but then some of what I have read says to add it. Some of what I have read says if the home cooked is no more than 25% of the diet then it won't throw off the balance of the kibble. Can anyone give me some advice? The more I read, the more my head starts to spin!

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