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Hi Growler

Thank you for getting in touch with me. Your advice helps keep me on track and not get lost in the tons of information out there Allows me to zero in on specific areas

Did they actually check her blood pressure & what was the number do you know? Or did they put her on the bp meds because of the CRF?

No checking of blood pressure, just put her on it with the assumption of high blood pressure. Any issues with putting her on it without checking blood pressure. Vet said it was very difficult to check cat's BP

When they get hungry & aren't fed promptly sometimes the stomach acid will cause nausea since there is nothing in their stomach for it to work on, and that makes them cranky, especially if she knows the nausea is coming soon. My grrl usually gets me up around 5-530am for breakfast too

I try and feed her as late as possible, but between 5 and 6 up we must get. Of course the rest of the guys are just loving this early morning feeding. They are getting into the habit now

Re Phosphorus on the test, depends on which test they ran, most of the standard tests do check for phos, calcium, potassium etc.

They forgot the Phosphorus test on this one, we're going to see if they still have a sample of her blood and can check it and of course do a check this time around.

Did the bloodtest have RBC, WBC, Hgb, PCV, HCT, MCV on it?

None of those things were on it. It was a "Senior Wellness " test

A couple of the symptoms you've mentioned (pale gums, lack of appetite, vomiting, lip licking, that specific "chewing" action with the watered wet food, blood pressure meds) are making me think anaemia. To check for this the Packed Cell Volume or Haematocrit needs to be tested. Ask your vet about checking the red blood cell levels for anaemia before she is anaesthetized. While she is looking at her teeth she can also check for mouth ulcers which are also common in CRF cats, can cause lack of appetite & the teeth-grinding-like chewing.

I will ask her to check for anaemia as well. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

Most likely she is peeing more considering she is not concentrating her urine as she should be, plus drinking more to compensate for the water loss, this is reflected in the dehydration & the small dry poops. Often the CRF cat's body will pull water from everywhere (including poop) in order to reuse it throughout the body (which is why they normally concentrate urine), this attests to their desert heritage & low frequency of water drinking.

I'll try and keep an eye on her and catch her going into the litter box, might be able to see if she is at least peeing large amounts.

Depending on Tus' disposition you can have the vet show you how to properly syringe-feed water, this stresses many cats out far more than the benefit of the additional water so that may be a deciding factor there. There is also the option of a water fountain - some prefer running water, or adding a small amount of flavouring to the water - boiling a plain no salt added chicken breast & using some of the now-chicken-flavoured-water from that to add into the bowl.

I have 2 water fountains, 1 in the kitchen and 1 close to the bedroom for the arthritic cat, she doesn't have to walk as far at nite. But putting a chicken flavour to the water might work. Would the chicken additive also add bacteria? Would I have to clean it out every day? Force feeding is not top on my list. This was one of the reason the vet wanted to put a feeding tube in was to get more liquids into her

I've also onto putting low sodium tuna water into the cat food and making it very soupy. But did I read somewhere that tuna is not good for cats? If I can do this option. I would blend the tuna up and use it as an additive to the cat food and make her food even soupier.

The hair loss on the back leg could just be ill-health related, unless she is reacting to fleas, laundry soap from the blankets, etc. Have you noticed her washing alot there? Is she pulling the hair out?

She maybe doing it to herself. If I catch her licking that area I get her to go to another area.

Re the acne - what type of bowls do you use for food & water? Plastic? Stainless steel? Plastic bowls have been known to harbour bacteria even after repeated washings which may cause feline acne in some cats as they contact the sides of the dish.

She used to use plastic, but I've changed to glass bowls as I read about the plastic and ache. She's had this for most of her life and sometimes it will get so bad that her chin get all swollen from large under the skin growths. I use an antiseptic wash for a couple of days and it goes away. It also goes around her mouth and of course she scratches it making it worse. It comes and goes, maybe she has PMS

Through the years I've also noticed my dogs & cats (who don't use plastic bowls, except for the current water fountain) have gotten short duration acne in their "teen years" 12-15yrs that clears up fairly quickly not to return.

Hopefully she will grow out of it

I have a question since you obviously have a multi animal house hold. How do I keep my other kitties from getting any fatter with me feeding Tus every 4 hours? I could put Tus in a separate room but I'm afraid they'd pick on her more. She's lowest on the totem pole.

Also how to you put in the quotes from your posts, so I don't have to bold them
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