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She is a beautiful seal and white girl. She looks very much like my Kiva. I see the same attitude in the eye.
I have had a lot of experience with mals - owning them for over 20 years and doing rescue for 10 of them.
My best advice is socialize. Mals, especially females, can be same sex dog aggressive. I had 4 girls at one time and none of them got along. They are independant, but also rely on the pack. Use NILIF - Nothing in Life is Free - at all times. It lays a basic foundation for the pack heirarchy - with you as the alpha. Making her work for everything, no free feeding, etc is really important for these dogs. Start training and NILIF right away. A lot of people don't start training young pups, but starting early makes it so much easier.
Congrats on the new pup. Mals are not the easiest of breeds, but their personality and beauty have me sold on them.
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