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Originally Posted by diandpat View Post
Their powers of forgiveness with humans when others have wronged them so is always amazing to me Humans could learn from their spirit.

So glad you are enjoying this journey with him...I am sure you are ALL (five cats????) enjoying the ride and I think Julia must be happy to have someone else to blame things on
It is amazing how they forgive...but they never fully forget. I have had so many fosters in my home that were abused at various levels. The worst was my own GSD years ago, he never fully recovered but he knew that I was never going to hurt for others, he never fully trusted.

Animals have an amazing spirit. I always say that we can learn so much from them. I think it's for this reason they are not with us long as we must continue to learn and be inspired as they all have something very unique and different which reminds us that we are the ones that must find that balance within ourselves, our lives and others. They remind me anyways, that I must try and be as kind to others, and also must know when to forgive and forget.
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