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Hi Tiggy2, welcome to the CRF club

First lets talk about how Tus is feeling, what's her energy level like? does she sleep constantly are you having to wake her to feed, is she playing/active, interested in the world beyond the windows? Are her spirits high or is she cranky all the time?

Any unusual symptoms? Does she feel cold? Does she grind her teeth? Is she at the water bowl for long periods?

What's her poop like? How often is she peeing?

Good decsion not to go the feeding tube route at this point, as mentioned above lets try special toppings on the food & a bit of variety first. Will she eat cooked chicken breast? Duffy loves Purebites Chicken it definately helps encourage eating. I've also baked plain chicken breast pieces with even better results. Also adding in a different food once in a while helps peak interest in meal time.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
Ok got the blood test results, they are in mmol/L if that makes sense to you guys.

This was done Aug/25

Urea = 10.8 Ref. Range 6.4-11.8
Creat. = 162 Ref Range 67-157
Alk. Phos = 48 U/L Ref Range 14-49

This was done Oct/02
The Urinalysis came back with
PH = 6
Prot. = trace
USG =1.019

This was done Oct/02
Lab result of
ALT = 94 (Low 20 High 100)
BUN = 30 (Low 10 High 30)
CRE = 1.8 (Low .3 High 2.1)

The Aug blood work was a more in depth work up as opposed to the one in Oct.
Hope this makes more sense to you guys as it's rather over my head at this point
Are all other numbers in normal range?

The Oct blood work in actually in US values in comparison to the Aug which is in SI units, so to make it easier to read I've converted it here:


The kidney numbers are fairly stable, dropping just slightly and honestly not that high. The other 2 you posted Alk Phos & ALT are liver enzymes which indicate the health of the liver but can increase due to the kidneys because most everything is filtered through them, just something to keep an eye on at this point.

Tus only has a trace amount of protein in the urine at this point I wouldn't think that was the main cause of the weight loss, more likely it is nausea especially since Tus is already on Pepcid.

What is more concerning at this point than the proteinuria is the USG, that's quite a low number for a cat not currently on fluid therapy. Have you noticed a marked increase in Tus' drinking & peeing? Has the vet mentioned Tus being dehydrated? If you were to run your finger along Tus' gums are they dry & sticky feeling or wet & slick with saliva?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
For stimulating the appetite, one of the safest things you might want to try for starters are the B vitamins, in particular Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). B12 is known to help stimulate the appetite. All the B vitamins are very safe as they are water soluble and any excess will be excreted in the urine.

Can I try people vitamin B12, or do I need an animal one?
Vit B12 is the one generally recommended but should always be under the direction of the vet as excess vitamins can be harmful, some multi-vitamins can be too high in vit a & d for a crf cat. Human varieties may not have appropriate values for cats needs most especially Taurine, plus they are weight based on an adult human. If you want to start a Vit supplement I recommend Nu Cat Senior your vet can order it in for you or if you have a smaller pet specialty or rawfood store they may carry it or you can order online.

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I have lifted the food up and I also give her Pepid AC 3 times a day (10mg cut into quarters)
Did the vet recommend 3 quarters per day? Was she vomiting often? How is that working for Tus, have you seen a marked improvement with little to no vomiting/lip licking/nausea?

Originally Posted by tiggy2 View Post
I've put an email into the vet about your suggestions on Mirtazapine and the ACE Inhibitor's, I just hope she responds favourably, as I will need a prescription for them to try.

Anyway hope this info helps. Off to bed as Tus gets me up very early to feed her, she get hungary early
Does she eat more in the morning feeding than the others? Do you give her a bigger portion size then? What time is the last feeding of the night?
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