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pet food donations

hi there,
i'm hoping by posting someone might be able to reccommend a place to me.
i work for a retail store, in the hamilton area and i'm looking for a non profit charity to which we would be able to donate our pet foods and litters to in the area.

our items include:
dry dog and cat food
cat litter
and bird/small animal food.

the few conditions that must be met are these:
all of the above items must be taken, not just the food
they must be able to pick up every two weeks or so
and they must be NON PROFIT.

we are looking to donate to more of an animal rescue center if possible, that has wildlife (like raccoons, foxes, squirrels, skunks, possums etc) that might need these supplies.
if you are, or know of a wildlife rescue/sanctuary that might need this food, please post the location, and if possible, provide a phone number at which they might be reached.

thanks very, very much.
~ just jen
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