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Ok got the blood test results, they are in mmol/L if that makes sense to you guys.

This was done Aug/25

Urea = 10.8 Ref. Range 6.4-11.8
Creat. = 162 Ref Range 67-157
Alk. Phos = 48 U/L Ref Range 14-49

This was done Oct/02
The Urinalysis came back with
PH = 6
Prot. = trace
USG =1.019

This was done Oct/02
Lab result of
ALT = 94 (Low 20 High 100)
BUN = 30 (Low 10 High 30)
CRE = 1.8 (Low .3 High 2.1)

The Aug blood work was a more in depth work up as opposed to the one in Oct.
Hope this makes more sense to you guys as it's rather over my head at this point

For stimulating the appetite, one of the safest things you might want to try for starters are the B vitamins, in particular Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin). B12 is known to help stimulate the appetite. All the B vitamins are very safe as they are water soluble and any excess will be excreted in the urine.

Can I try people vitamin B12, or do I need an animal one?

I have lifted the food up and I also give her Pepid AC 3 times a day (10mg cut into quarters)

I've put an email into the vet about your suggestions on Mirtazapine and the ACE Inhibitor's, I just hope she responds favourably, as I will need a prescription for them to try.

Anyway hope this info helps. Off to bed as Tus gets me up very early to feed her, she get hungary early
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