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He's still hanging on. His vet said this is a hospice situation. He didn't mention euthanasia. I'm not sure that since he knows me as a friend as like, as a 'kid' that maybe he doesn't really know what to say anymore.. that's what it seemed like anyways.

I'm hoping he passes tonight on his own so that I don't have to drag him back out and, you know. It's not like I would really be able to drive myself back home after something like that. I would rather him quietly pass away at home with his family if that's possible. He's also not directly 'suffering' if anyone can believe that. He really has 0 chance of getting better but he's probably going to be okay to just be left and home and taken care of.

He's on furosemide now to drain the fluid from his abdomen.

FIP is no longer suspected. The fluid was not the typical kind you see with FIP.

thanks again everyone for all the help
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