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How does that compare to the amount she was eating before she started losing weight and how large is her frame?

She used to eat dry food, so to measure that was impossible as I have 4 others who ate it as well. She was a little over weight, small cat in general. She should weight I figure around 10 pounds, but she has lost muscle mass. So aside from the constant weight loss, (1/2 pound a month), it's the muscle mass that concerns me.

Is that about 3 to 3.5 oz or so per day?

It's probably around 3 oz's of food, I've never measured it that way, but not enough to gain or maintain the weight.

but I also do not recommend using the prescription low-protein diets.

I am in agreement, so why do the vet's push it so much? For one thing it has tons of by-products in it.

There are also medications available to help with the proteinuria. Has your vet discussed this with you? An ACE inhibitor such as Fortekor (benazepril) is sometimes used in conjunction with amlodipine to treat proteinuria.

I don't think they (vet) knew about this, but I will mention it. So much information to try and put together and not a lot of confidence in presenting it.

I would like to try alternative ideas to a feeding tube, because she is eating, but the vet did not have any. The suggestion of a stimulant was tossed out due to it's side effects of hard on the kidney's.

So I'm at a loss as to what to do
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