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Welcome to Although most veterinarians push their low protein prescription diets for CRF, many other people do not recommend them. Wellness brand wet food (the one your cat is currently on) is one of the foods recommended by others, especially the chicken, turkey, and chicken and beef varieties because they are not too high in phosphorus. Growler's cat, Duffy, was diagnosed with CRF in 2007 and she has an excellent thread that you may want to look at. Here it is:

It is a very long thread. She has a shorter version but I can't find the link at the moment. I will look for it later. Growler comes on here every day and when she sees your post, she will have some more information for you. If you don't have a copy of your cat's most recent bloodwork, it would be helpful if you ask your vet for a copy and post the numbers here.

Here is another excellent website that contains a lot of good information on CRF:
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