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Question Put a feeding tube in or not, that is the question


I'm new to the site but have read a fair number of post and fine the advice here very good so here I go.

I have a 15 year old female with early stage CRF. She has been steadily losing weight for months and the final suggestion by my vet is to put a feeding tube in.

She does eat, Wellness brand wet food (took about 2 months to get her on that), but obviously not enough to maintain or put on weight. SHe's down to 9.7 pounds from over 12 pounds. My Doc. wants to get her onto the low protein diet, but of course she won't eat that, hence the suggestion of the feeding tube to get her to switch to the low protein diet.

Her thyroid is OK had that checked before we found out it was CRF.

So feeding tube or no. It goes in tomorrow)

Sorry for the delay.
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