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I'll let you guys know if anything changes. Otherwise probably later today or tomorrow morning we will have to let him go. It's 6am here and he gets to see his doctor at 8. He's doing fairly good this morning. I walked by his little crate and he meowed at me and stood up. I let him out and he's been trying to walk around but is exhausted. All the fluid buildup has made him a bit unsteady.

maybe the fluid can be drained and sent out to a lab? That way maybe he still has a chance. I mean, I really am trying to not get my hopes up. I already know that this is bad news for timmy even if it is not FIP. But even if draining the fluid will make him comfortable for one more day so everyone can have a chance to say goodbye to him I think that would be nice. He's really not at a suffering point, but of course he isn't that comfortable either.

Thank you everyone
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