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Hey Winston, sorry I missed this earlier.

Cloudy urine happens from the sediment floating in it - Normally it is clear.

Specific Graviity is low for a healthy cat he should be concentrating at 1035 and higher, often when there is infection, stones etc the urine isn't concentrated in an attempt to flush the kidneys/bladder/urinary tract out. Have you noticed an increase in drinking?

pH is acidic which can be an indication of calcium oxalate stones, most kidney stones are calcium oxalate. pH can also be affected by diet, bacteria etc

Proteinuria very rarely occurs in healthy cats because the kidneys do not allow the escape of protein into the urine, the main proteins that leak through are albumin and globulin, most common causes are CRF, diabetes, hypertension. Occasionally a high protein diet may cause a small increase.

Hematuria (blood in the urine) causes include: Bacterial UTI, Stones in the urinary tract especially the bladder or urethra, cancer, more rarely parasites, trauma/injury or idiopathic benign kidney bleeding.

Flocculent urine contains grossly visible particles and is generally pathologic, often due to crystals or infection.

RBC & WBC normal range is 0-3 Bomber has more than 3 not surprising considering the amount of blood in the urine, occasional WBC is okay, Trans Epith cells are cells from the urinary tract that have released into the urine, it happens in the presence of bacteria such as E coli. Normal reading should be none-rare

The Cocci+ is bacteria present in the urine, Fat is also present and detectable though cat urine is fatty to start with (which is why it is hard to clean the smell).

It looks right now without further testing like Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diesease (which is not actually a disease) - bacterial in nature. The UA did not indicate any crystals found, though it doesn't rule out stones.

If Bomber starts having more noticable difficulty peeing or stops peeing at all then he needs to be seen immediately.

The info sheet for Zeniquin indicates improvement should be seen within 5 days.
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