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Hi everyone. The bloodwork was not needed.

The vet felt is abdomen and a needle aspiration was done. I am sorry to say that Timmy has FIP and we have to euthanize him. I noticed his bloaty appearance just really starting today. The problem had been that when I was giving him subq fluids, they would take a long time to absorb and would sort of 'settle' around his belly area. I assumed that is why he looked bad today from the fluids I gave him last night.

Sadly this was not the case... and he is getting worse and worse. They wanted to euthanize him now, but honestly my mom was out getting her nails done and I had been trying to pretend like everything was going to be okay, and didn't want to do it right then and there.

I'm either going to have to let him go tomorrow or Friday morning. I know there is nothing that can be done now and the only thing he faces is pain and suffering. I just want to give him a good last meal and hug him a few more times.

Thanks for everyones support. I wish this could have ended better.
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