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Hey everyone. I'm doing one more round of bloodwork for Timmy but after that I think I'm going to leave him alone. He is very weak and I don't think there is a point of doing the bone marrow biopsy anymore. I'm going to leave the rest up to his doctor though. I just don't want to give up on him and a little bit of bloodwork won't bother him too much. Maybe something will have changed since the last time that can give us a clue as to what this is.

If not, then well atleast we tried. I'm going to ask his doctor what the course of treatment would be if we did find something from the biopsy. If either it wouldn't be anything different then we do now or it would be something horrible (like chemo or something) then I see no reason to make the cat suffer anymore.

The way he is right now I don't expect him to make it even to Thanksgiving. The best I can do is make him comfortable. I feel like the whole thing has been a waste and this cat has been through so much for such a young age. I feel like he was just not meant to live for some reason. He was born as a stray kitten in Camden NJ, saved off the streets and brought to the county shelter (life saved part 1), taken into foster care by me (life saved part 2 since the shelter was a bit over crowded and he was just a tiny baby). Then he happens to end up with the horrible heart defect, but I just happen to know a doctor who would fix it for me (live saved part 3)..but then the thing with his x-rays and now this thing with the anemia and liver failure...

It's like some unknown force has been trying to kill my cat from the moment he was born.

I'll let everyone know if anything changes but other then that thanks for putting up with me and my crazy cat.
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