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It's been rough. We still really don't know what happened to his sibling. It was kind of the same thing with a rapid onset of lethargy, but no other issues. Could this be genetic then? but even then, Timmy and his brother ho passed away may not have been actually related. Atleast 2 kittens from the 6 kittens I had were not related to the others (or the mom) and were added because they were orphans. It was either the 2 orange ones (timmy and his orange brother) or the two tan ones (teddy and the one who passed away). But then, how does that make sense? Either way they 99% chance were not related, yet 1 gets rapidly sick and dies & now the one born with an extremely rare heart defect is going through the same thing?

The two black female kittens have been adopted and have no problems what-so-ever. That adds even more to the mystery. They were either related to the two tan or two orange and were 100% related to mom Maddie but have NO problems at all?

It can't really be an environmental thing either... because my cats are perfectly fine. I'm wondering if the answer lies in Maddie herself. The only common factor for sure is she nursed all 6 kittens. Maybe she passed something to them that way?

It's heartbreaking to see Timmy come so far and now basically the same mysterious thing that killed his brother is now killing him
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