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Feline Leukemia of the Bone Marrow? Or something similar

hi everyone. Timmy is not doing so well. His bone marrow has just about shut down and is no longer making red blood cells. Something had destroyed his red blood cells but for whatever reason his bone marrow stopped making new ones.. so he's slowly dying from anemia that hasn't corrected it's self.

I really have no idea what to do anymore Once he perks up after you get his meds and food into him it makes i really hard to make any 'decisions' as to what to do with him. but i know that if his condition doesn't improve there really isn't anything left to do.

I was wondering if anyone on here has ever heard of FeLV infecting the bone marrow. He tested negative for it on the snap combo test.... he never really had any symptoms of it either.. his other siblings/mother have not had it either and were tested negative before i brought them home.

We are just running out of options and I don't want to keep torturing the poor cat, but he still has a little fight left in him and I don't want to just give up on him.

I also was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of a blood transfusion in a cat (or any kind of pet). I felt like if we go ahead and do the bone marrow biopsy, if he is already under sedation he could get a blood transfusion too so atleast it buys us some time.

but then it's just back to where do we stop? the cat really seems like he wants to get better. he purrs and still tries to do stuff. but he's just getting weaker and weaker and loosing weight...

i really just miss my old timmy :sad:
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