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Originally Posted by Ash_A View Post
1) do you think he has worms

Yes, most definitely. Almost all kittens have worms. Especially if they were born to moms who were allowed outside.

2) if so, and he's had them this long, have they harmed him?

As hazel said, depending on the type of worm they could be doing him lots of harm. Any worm will do some harm if in the system too long.

and 3) is it okay for me to purchase over the counter dewormers, or do I need to take him out of town to see a vet?

OTC meds don't work. No sense on wasting your money. Save it for the vets.

to anyone who actually reads this, thank you for the time and advice.
And, seeing as he is six months old, you can schedule his neutering for the same time. That way since you have to go out of town to see a vet you can accomplish two important things in one trip.

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