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Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Bomber has been sleeping alot since our vet visit? perhaps its the Zeniquin he is on I am not sure!

He has been so good about taking the pills too! he is much easier to pill than his sister thats for sure! I really thought I was going to have trouble pilling him because he doesnt eat treats or any type of table scap....he is weird that way! if you give him a treat he trys to cover it up like a poop!

BUT he has been taking it in a piece if cheese so thats good! as for the peeing I havent seen any or caught him yet so thats promising!

I went back and looked at aprevious urinalysis and it didnt have as much detail as this one. The only thing I noticed from the report from 2002 was that his PH level was 6 :sad:

I guess we wil have to wait and see what it shoes when he is done the round of antibiotics..

THanks again its so nice to have people to come to that understand us and our furrbabies!

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