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I know this is late but I was wondering whats happening now?

I have 2 BC now but I grew up with a greyhound and would love to have another one.

Cholie my greyhound wasn't a rescue... I guess .....
My aunt goes to a track about 2 hours from where we live to get her greyhounds. She says there are pups dying, dead and sick. The track people don't care. They pretty much let you take them. But then there are vets bills to get them healthy again, which can be alot. She lives on a very large farm and has the Greyhounds to scare off coyotes. I shouldn't say she uses them for that, they are family pets that just have the added perk of protecting the livestock.

I love my greyhound, she is so great. They are very lovable. Not so smart though.... People love to meet a greyhound to. On walks you are always meeting new people. I have had more then one person acctually run out of there house to meet her.

One thing to always remember with these fellas. They need to run, thats obvious but they shouldn't ever be of leash unless they are in an enclosed area. We take Cholie to a park with baseball diamonds that have a fence. Then there is plenty of room for her to run and be a greyhound. Remember they are sight hounds and when they see something that catches there interest they will take off no matter how loyal and obidient they are.

You will love having a greyhound they are so great.
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